15 Difference Between Official and Demi-Official Letters

Both official and demi-official letters are essential but there are some difference between official and demi-official letters and all of them are as follows:-

Difference between official and demi-official letters

Here we mention 15 points regarding official and demi official letters.

Points of Difference

Official Letter

Demi-official letter

1. Purpose

Various official interests are served through an official letter.To attain an official objective through personal relationships is the purpose of the demi-official letter.

2. Nature

Its nature is official and impersonal.Its nature is a mixed i.e. combination of personal and official.

3. Classification

On the basis of subject matter, it can be classified as urgent, secret, general, etc.It cannot be classified as an official letter.

4. Size

Its size is small.It is comparatively large in size.

5. Structure

The specific structure is strictly followed.No specific structure is required to be followed.

6. The official style

The official style is maintained completely. Official style may not be maintained or not necessary to write such a letter.

7. Status of the letter

The status of the official letter is determined by the status of the writer.A personal relationship between the sender and receiver influences the status of such a letter.

8. Use of Language

Traditional and official languages are used here.

Such a letter can be written through personal touch for which language seems to be very simple.

9. Salutation

Official systems provide the basis for salutation.Personal relation influences salutation.

10. Method

Both direct and indirect methods can be used to write such a letter.Only a direct method is applicable to writing such a letter.

11. Copy

It may be copied for various purposes.

No Copy is made of such a letter.

12. Enclosure

The enclosure is used here.

The use of enclosure in such a letter is a rare case.

13. Use of Grammar

The first person or Third person is used in such a letter. Generally, the plural form is used.

Here the first person in plural form is used.

14. Application

Its appeal is universal.

Its appeal is limited to individual

15. Complimentary CloseOfficial System is followed to make complimentary close.The complimentary close is based on personal relationships.
Difference between official and demi official letters
Difference Between Official and Demi-Official Letters

Hope you find all difference between official and demi-official letters otherwise please feel free to comment below.

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