4 Difference Between Minute and Proceeding

Both minute and proceeding are most important, but also there is some difference. The difference between minute and proceeding are discussed below:

Authentication of Minutes

The proceedings of the meeting and the minutes of the meeting are placed before the next meeting for confirmation. It is known as the authentication of minutes. The secretary reads out the minutes of the last meeting and when it is accepted by the meeting as to its correctness, it is then authenticated. It is also known as a confirmation of minutes. If any minute is not approved, a fresh resolution should be adopted.

Proceedings of a Meeting

Proceedings mean the verbatim record for reporting or the discussions and decisions of a meeting. It is a detailed record of the matters raised at the meeting, the discussions held on each motion and the decisions reached on each item.

Difference between minute and proceeding

The distinction between Minutes and proceedings may be stated below

1Minutes are the official record of the proceedings of the meeting and the decision reached therein.Proceedings mean the verbatim record or report of the discussions and decisions of a meeting.
2It is prepared after the meeting.It is prepared at the time of the meeting.
3It writes, in a concise form, the decision of the meeting.It writes, in detail, the proceedings of the meeting.
4It records the resolutions only.It records the discussion of the meeting.
Difference between Minute and Proceeding
Difference between Minute and Proceeding

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