Classification, Principles, and Importance of Meeting Minutes

A minute is prepared so that the motion and resolutions taken at a meeting can be used as a reference in the future. The importance of meeting minutes is the following:

Importance of meeting minutes

1. It preserves a clear, concise, and accurate record of the business transacted at the meeting.

2. It serves as a permanent record of the actions of the members and decisions taken at the meeting.

3. It serves as a legal document when it is confirmed by the next meeting and signed by the chairman.

4. It helps as the guidelines of the organizational activities of any concur.

5. It serves as a reminder of the subject matter dealt with in the previous meetings.

6. It is the official records of the proceeding and decisions of the meeting.

Importance of Meeting minutes
Importance of Meeting minutes

Classification of Minutes

Minutes may be of two types viz.., Minutes of Decision and Minutes of Narration.

Minutes of Decision: It means the recording of the resolutions taken at the meeting. In this method, only the final decisions adopted at the meeting are recorded in brief.

Minutes of Narration: It means the recording of proceedings of the meeting in detail for some of the discussions and happenings. In this method, the minutes are written in a narrative style about the discussions and the resolutions adopted in the discussions.

Principles of Writing Minutes

The following principles are followed for writing Minutes. Know also principles of writing

  1. It should be clear,-concise and accurate, and free from ambiguity
  2. It should be written by dividing the matters into suitable paragraphs.
  3. Each paragraph should be written with a brief heading for quick reference.
  4. It should include the correct and fair summary of the proceedings of the meeting.
  5. It should state the name of the meeting with the date, time, and place.
  6. It should mention the name of the chairman and other important persons who attended the meeting.
  7. It should state separately the financial and other special terms discussed in the meeting.
  8. It should state the names of the props, the secondary method of voting, the voting results, and the resolutions of the meeting.
  9. It must be recorded in the Minutes Book.
  10. Explanatory notes should be given for special issues in the footnote of the minutes.
  11. The minutes must be signed by the chairman with the date and confirmed at the next meeting of the members.

Hope in this article you will clarify your concept regarding the importance of meeting minutes, the classification of minutes, and the principles of writing minutes.

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