10 Principles / Qualities of a Good Report

Drafting a report is a complex task, therefore, requires certain principles/qualities of a good report to be followed to write an effective report which is such as:

Qualities of a Good Report

1. Clear objective: The objective of the report must be properly defined.

2. Proper rule-following: Specific rules suitable for specific types of reports should be followed.

3. Easy language: The report should be drafted maintaining the simple and familiar language.

4. Provide accurate information: There should be a presentation of accurate and proper information in the report.

5. Proper planning: Proper planning should be made regarding the structure, system, content, and style of the report.

Qualities of a Good Report
Qualities of a Good Report

6. Clear content of the report: The content of the report must be in detail to provide a clear idea. There should be statistical analysis, table presentation, graphs, pictures, and others to be included in a report if necessary.

7. Attract the audience: The report must be neat and clean to make it attractive to the audience.

8. Based on actual facts: The report must be neutral and based on actual facts.

9. Proper starting: There should be a proper heading of the report in compliance with the subject matter stated in the report.

10. Proper place of signature and date: The signature of the reporter and the date of drafting the report should be placed in the right place of the report.

The above principles if followed then there will be a preparation of a good report. And a good report is helpful in making a decision.

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