Advantages and Disadvantages of Speech

Speech is the most common and great way of communication but it also has some advantages and disadvantages of speech which is mention below:

Advantages of speech

Speech has some specific advantages which do not have in other media of communication which are discussed below:

Advantages of speech


  1. Time-Saving: When communication needed for quick speech is the best solution and it is the most important advantage of speech.
  2. Cost-saving: It doesn’t require much preparation so, speech decrease the expense of communication.
  3. Suitability:
  4. Immediate feedback: It can give immediate feedback rather than other communication.
  5. Developing a friendly relation:
  6. Motivation and control
  7. Flexibility
  8. Meaningful medium

Speech provides various advantages for communication with people for various purposes and it enjoys the above advantages.

Limitation / Disadvantages of Speech

The following Disadvantages/Limitation of Speech is located:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Speech


1. No Record: In most cases, speech is not written or recorded and therefore it cannot be used as a reference in the future.

2. Legal validity: speeches do not have any legal validity until and unless they are taped or recorded permanently.

3. Remoteness: Speeches cannot be delivered if the sender and receiver are isolated to each other and there is no mechanical device to connect them.

4. Conflict and confusion: speech cannot be kept in mind for a long time as human memory has a limitation. Therefore as the days advance, persons get confused about the past event. Such things cause misunderstanding regarding delivered speech.

5. Complexity: If there is a huge audience, it may be difficult to understand the speech due to a poor sound system. This may lead to complexity regarding speech. Moreover, the emotion of the orator may make the message complex to be understood by the recovery.

6. Less Valuable: Where written communication is essential, speech has nothing to do. Moreover, if the situation requires prompt decision then speech may not be effective there. Usually, speech carries less weight than written communication.

In spite of the above limitations, speech acts as a strong medium of communication.

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