Internal Communication Definition of an Organization

Though we discuss here internal communication definition but some introduction to internal communication given in this first paragraph.

Introduction to internal communication

Communication starts from individual and moves forward to encompass with mass people. How the network develops for communication is never simple to describe because consciously or unconsciously we communicate through various means towards various places or locations.

It is such which occurs within the entity between and among the employees and such communication may happen formally or informally to meet the internal demand.

The strong internal network makes the entity capable to manage, function, and operate effectively. Therefore internal communication is always required and suggested to provide more emphasis on such communication since it is termed as the backbone of an organization.

Internal Communication Definition

Communication occurring within the same organizational structure is called internal communication. These types of communication take place between or among the employees and officers of the same company.

In this regard, if an employee of a head office exchanges views with an employee of its branch office located at different places, it falls within the category of internal communication.

But if an employer of an organization, being in the office, talks face to face with an officer of another organization, this doesn’t mean internal communication. So, communication between the employer and employees of the same organization considered being internal communications.

Internal communication definition according to S. P. Arora “Message exchanged between higher officials, executives and employees of a same organization is known as internal communication.”

According to Lesiker & J.D. Pettit internal communication definition is, “Internal communication consists of the structured communication within the organization that directly relates to achieving the organization’s work goal.”

R. Pal & J. S. Karlahalli said, “Internal communication consists in transmitting information within the organization.”

The image has given below the internal communication cycle to clear internal communication definition. Click on the image to make it large.

Internal Communication Definition
Internal Communication Definition

Internal communication can be downward or upward and can be horizontal or vertical, can be written, oral, or a combination of both. It must occur within the organization.

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