Advantages and Disadvantages of Upward Communication

Upward communication is the most common and used way of communication so we give here some advantages and disadvantages of upward communication.

Importance / Advantages of Upward Communication

Upward communication \ plays a vital role in attaining an organizational goal. This type of communication is an essential task for managers to run the organization in an efficient way.

Communication plays a vital role in attaining an organizational goal. A type of communication is recognized as an essential task for managers to run the organization in an efficient way for the effective operation of an organization, the importance of upward communication is always highlighted. The respective advantages of such-

Importance advantages of upward communication
Importance Advantages of Upward Communication

1. Decision Making: Upper management wants to know specific information about the production, procurement, marketing, financial matters, and so on before making any decision. Subordinates supply the related information through upward communication and thus decision-making is made easier and quicker.

2. Providing Counsel: Subordinates can provide their constructive opinions to the superiors through upward communication. This kind of opinion may use to achieve the goals of the organization.

3. Motivation: Upward communication allows the lower-level staff to express their attitude or opinion to top-level staff. Resulting subordinates are influenced to work more towards the fulfillment of the target.

4. Feedback: Though such communication, the subordinates send back the reactions to the decision sent by the superiors. Thus, a top-level employee can ensure whether the lower-level employees have accepted the message sent by the superiors.

5. Favorable Organizational Environment: Upward communication enriches the relationship between subordinates and superiors.

6. Development of Plan: Upper-level management can collect information from lower-level management through upward communication. Information obtained from such communication can be used to develop and implement any plan.

7. Development of Creativity: Upward communication calls for a creative environment to grow where employees show their initiatives for development.

8. Good Relations: Subordinates express their opinions in terms of upward communication. Such communication gives a mind of thinking as well as a sense of belonging to the juniors. As a result, a harmonious relationship prevails between the superiors and subordinates.

9. Prompt Appreciation: Because of upward communication, subordinates get some or many opportunities to praise their boss for any positive or effective movement. As a result in cordial relationships between superiors and subordinates.

10. Knowing Employee Attitude: Every Organization starts some welfare measures for the employees. If upward communication is active, the top-level management can know how far employees are satisfied with the welfare activities.

From the above discussion, it is very clear that upward communication is a must to create a good working environment. This type of communication directly assists the management in attaining a specific goal. This is gradually increasing the importance of upward communication day by day.

Limitations / Disadvantages of Upward Communication

It is not very easy to have smooth upward communication. Moving against the force of which seems to be rather difficult. Upward communication suffers from a number of practical limitations.

Although upward communication is merited with many advantages it is not very easy to have a smooth upward flow due to the following reasons:

It is not very easy to have smooth upward communication. Moving against the force of gravity, seems to be rather difficult. Upward communication suffers from a number of practical limitations.Advantages and disadvantages of upward communication

1. Distortion: Upward communication is intentionally distorted. On many occasions, it is found that employees for their self-interest or to get relief from accountability edit the data or information before it is passed to their superiors. Such distortion hampers the real objective of any communication.

2. Unwillingness: Employees are usually reluctant to start upward communication. The managers should keep their doors open but they cannot force the employees to walk into their room.

3. Fear: Employees often feel that if they communicate their problems to their superiors it may affect negatively their efficiency. The complaint placed by the subordinates may be interpreted as a sign of their personal weakness or limitation.

4. By Passing: In the process of upward communication, once in a way workers directly approach the topmost authority with their suggestions or bypassing their immediate boss.

This proves harmful in two ways. The officers who have been bypassed feel underestimated while the top officer makes doubt on the worker’s intentions. The relations become poor between superiors and workers and works are damaged.

5. Recklessness: Taking the opportunity of upward communication, sometimes the subordinates behave desperately with their bosses. It can damage the chain of command in any organization.

6. Flattery: In order to convince the superiors, subordinates can take the help of flattery. And for this reason, subordinates may conceal the truth and provide incomplete information to the top level. The decision taken on such incomplete information will’ be wrong to serve the organizational purpose.

7. Insufficiency: Subordinates may not be aware of the sufficiency or completeness of any data. Insufficient information will bring zero outcomes.

8. Errors and Emission: Most lower-level employees are not aware of many aspects of an organization. Furthermore, they bear fear to be a good communicator. During the performance of any upward communication, they may commit errors and mistakes.

The above limitations create a barrier in the way of communication and reduce the popularity of upward communication.

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