6 Characteristics and Importance of a Good Speech

Characteristics and importance of a good speech are melodious and remain alive as goodwill. A good speech must bear the following characteristics.

Characteristics of a good speech

A good speech should be clear to the audience or listener. A speech must be successful to attain its objective by making a clear expression.

Informal talk
A good speech should be like a chat between two intimate friends. There should be perfect contact between the speaker and the audience.

Live and concrete
A good speech is lived in nature and contains concrete facts which are easy to understand, e.g, Grameen Phone is a leader in the Cell-Phone industry holding 65% market share reflects live and concrete statement.

The audience on average cannot concentrate for more than fifteen to twenty minutes. So, speech should not be longer than this unless the audience wants more.

A good speech is an interesting one that involves quotations, anecdotes, and humor. Quotations should be original and anecdotes should be new and brief. Whereas humor should be genteel with good taste.

Audience oriented
A good speech is always audience-oriented. It considers the age, sex, religion, social, and economic view of the listener and makes it communicative.

Besides the above criteria, a good speech also bears qualities like the relevance of facts, timely presentation, and objective orientation.

Importance of a good speech

You should know the importance of a good speech before creating a speech.  So, let’s know the importance.

Speech has great power. It can stir people to mutiny or it can create spirit. It can turn an adverse situation into a friendly one or it can turn a friendly gathering into a hostile move. It can build tension and it can relax tension.

The significance of speech can be understood if we look towards the “Fairwell speech” of our dearest Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM). His speech will remain alive as a guide for the well-being of humanity.

Characteristics and importance of a Good Speech
Importance of a Good Speech

The key to the success of many political leaders, industrialists, business magnets, salesman lies in their capability of making an effective speech.

In the commercial world, a salesman has to make hundreds of mini speeches a day, convince his customers to buy certain products. The better his speech-making ability, the better salesman he will be.

Think about a tourist guide whose speech can make a pleasant journey to the traveler.

Managers and businessmen are often required to make speeches at company meetings, inaugurations, seminars, and discussions. It involves better skills to be prepared as a speaker in such cases.

Most of us feel uncomfortable speaking before others. With better effort, we can improve our speeches. We should plan properly before the delivery of any speech. A nice speech can increase the goodwill of a business.

Hope you find all characteristics and importance of a good speech otherwise, you can leave a comment below.

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  1. You got my attention when you said that a good speech must be audience-oriented, and the religion, sex, age, and social view of the audiences must be considered. This is something that I will share with a friend who is planning to hire a religious conference speaker for an event next week. She said that their church will hold an anniversary party, and it is important for them to hire a speaker that can swiftly get the attention of their clients.

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