Company Secretary Definition According to Company Act

The company secretary has a great role in every type of company. The company secretary definition will clear the concept of the company secretary.

The company secretary definition is given below:

The person who performs office correspondence of a company or supervises such activity is known as a company secretary. He is in charge of dealing with directors, members, staff, the Registrar of Companies, and other government authorities and institutions.

Our Company Act 1994, Sec 2 (ii) termed a Company secretary as a high official, Indian Company Act (amended in 1974) defines a Company Secretary as a person who possesses the prescribed qualifications and is appointed to perform duties, which may be performed by a secretary under this Act and any other ministerial or administrative duties. This definition highlights the following three (3) matters-:

(a) An individual may be appointed as a company secretary; a firm or corporate body cannot be appointed as a company secretary.

(b) A company secretary must possess the prescribed qualification.

(c) The duties of a company secretary are administrative, not managerial

Moreover, a company secretary can be defined as:

  1. An officer: He is appointed as per the Company Act.
  2. A servant: He serves administrative work.
  3. An adviser: He provides important advice to the board of directors.
  4. An agent: He signs various agreements and contracts.
  5. A coordinator: He coordinates the activities of different units and departments.
Company Secretary Definition
Company Secretary

Therefore a company secretary is a top-level officer having prescribed qualifications as per the company act and acts as a liaison officer, with directors, staff, Registrar of the companies, shareholders, and other outsiders.

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