Types of Secretary with its Definition

As our economic, political, and social environment is changing constantly, there is a need for different types of secretary. The following types of secretaries are common now a day:

Secretary is a vital post for any company or organization. But it mainly depends on the company or organization. We can also be classified by job type.

Types of Secretary

1. Personal or private secretary

A Secretary who helps an individual regarding his personal activity is known as a personal or private secretary. Generally, high-profile people like ministers, political leaders, lawyers, or doctors appoint a personal secretary to assist their activity.

2. Company Secretary

A company secretary is appointed to perform ministerial or administrative duties of a joint-stock company. He is a full-time principal officer and acts under the orders of the Board of Directors.

3. Secretary of a club

Non-trading organizations, social welfare organizations, and cultural & sports clubs appoint a secretary to run these concerns properly. Sometimes a member of the club assumes the role of a secretary without any pay.

4. Secretary of a co-operative society

A secretary of a cooperative society performs the routine job and he may be any member of the executive committee of the society.

Types of Secretary
Types of Secretary

5. Secretary of an Embassy

Here the secretary is next to the Ambassador and is appointed by the Government of his country. He helps the Ambassador to conduct operations and performs under the authority of the Ambassador.

6. Secretary of a trade union

A person who conducts and controls the operational activities of the labor organization is known as the secretary of a trade union. He arranges a meeting, prepares minutes of the meeting, and keeps a record of the books of account.

7. Secretary of a self-governing body

Union council, Upozilla Council, Municipal Corporation, and District Council also appoints a secretary to supervise the daily operation of these bodies.

8. Ministerial secretary

Each ministry of a government has a Chief Executive officer who is known as a secretary such as a foreign secretary, Home secretary, Education secretary e,t,c, Ministerial secretary who operates the government machinery on behalf of the respective minister.

9. Secretary of a political organization

A secretary of a political party may be selected or elected by the party members who hold an important status in the party. He plans and executes policies, organizes meeting-related activities, and acts as a spokesman.

The types of secretary mentioned above are not all but there are many more types of secretary. We discuss here the most common types of secretary. Basically, the types of secretaries depend on the company or organization.

Definition of Secretary

The word secretary has been derived from the Latin word ‘Secretaries’ which means secret. As we know secret refers to something, which is not disclosed or something kept confidential.

Therefore, a secretary is a person who performs such activities which are confidential in nature. But in modern days, a secretary does not deal with secrets only; he carries on correspondence, documentation & recording, meeting-related functions, supervision, and various administrative jobs.

According to explanation from Oxford Dictionary, “a secretary is a person who is employed to conduct correspondence on behalf of an individual or a company and also to execute filing, documentation and administrative functions”.

It is very difficult to provide a universal definition of a secretary because his activity differs according to the scope or function of an organization. But we can conclude that a secretary is a person who is “entrusted to perform all sorts of correspondence whether oral or written and deals with meeting, documentation & recording and other administrative work of an entity.

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