11 Essential Features of a Market Report

The market report is a publication of business transactions. Essential features of a market report as it represents the whole market at a glance:

The following are essential features of a market report:

Features of a Market Report
Essential Features of a Market Report

1. Selected product: One or more than one product is described in a market report.

2. Specific market: A specific area or location is mentioned in a market report where the selected product is traded.

3. Time specification: A market is a continuous process. But in a market report “the market scenario according to specific time interval is presented.

4. Transaction Amount: The stock level of a specific product, the supply position of such a product, and the respective quantity sold are highlighted in terms of quantity and value in a market report.

5. Reason for price variation: Price changes over time and why there is a change in the price is mentioned clearly in a market report.

6. Description of goods: Name, trademark, advantages, and usage of a specific product are mentioned clearly in a market report, such description provides effective information to the reader.

7. Business forecast: What should be a market trend, demand, and supply of a specific product, a market report on such product provides a forecast.

8. Neutrality: A market report should not be biased. It must be neutral to raise its importance to the reader.

9. Structure: A specific structure is followed to draft a market report. This provides an attractive presentation and meaningful picture to the reader.

10. The opinion of the Reporter: The reporter provides valuable opinion at the end of a report; such opinion gives basis to the businessman to make valuable decisions.

11. Date & Signature: The date of writing the report and the signature of the writer should be clearly mentioned for proper specification.

The above features make justification for a market report to be accepted by the reader.

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