An Effective Structure of a Market Report

An effective structure of a market report ensures a better output for any job. A market report is no exception to this statement. Following a structure to prepare a market report means the reader can easily understand the objective and subject matter of the report.

The structure of a market report can be explained in terms of the following components:

Effective structure of a market report

1. Introduction

The market report starts with an introduction that includes the following terms:

  • Types of Market e.g daily or weekly.
  • Name of the market e.g. Dhaka stock Exchange.
  • Name of the product e.g. ordinary share
  • Duration of the survey: e.g., from 1st Jan 2004 to 7th Jan 2004
  • Time of writing report: e.g. 8th Jan 2013.

2. Preliminary Speech

Here the writer provides a speech regarding the market that is concise but complete, e.g. Dhaka stock exchange experienced an upward trend in the last week. Such a statement clarifies the market situation at a glance.

Effective Structure of a Market Report
Market Report

3. Body

The overall position of the market is explained properly in this section. This part is informative and describes:

  • Reason for market trend
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Nature of transaction
  • Price level
  • Price index to provide a full idea of the market.

4. Conclusion

This is the last part of the market report. Here the overall trend of the market is presented from the viewpoint of the writer. He provides his own view regarding the whole market including a prediction for the future market trend.

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