Market Research Report Template, Sample, Example, and Format

Before getting a market research report template we need to know some basic information about Market research. Market research is an essential part of every kind of business. The business strategy depends on market research so market research reports really very essential for a business.

We give here some market research report template, sample, example, and format for an effective market research report:

Market research report template for jute market


Name of the report: A weekly report on the jute market of Naryangonj.

Name of the market: Naryangonj jute market.

Name of Product: Raw and finished jute.

Duration of the survey: From 7th June 2001 to 13th June 2004.

Preliminary Speech: During the mentioned week, the jute market of Naryangonj seemed to be a “Bull-Market”.


Reason for “Bull-Market: During the mentioned week local and foreign buyers gathered in the market and made a bulk purchase of jute. Moreover, the recent agreement for jute export to China made a positive impact to increase the price of jute.

Demand Position: The price of jute started rising from the beginning of the week and at the end of the week the price reached the highest peak breaking all past records.

Price Increase: During the mentioned week, the price of raw jute increased by Tk.100 per bale. Whereas, the price of finished jute increased by Tk. 120 per bale,

Stock position: During the mentioned week, initially the Stock of jute was 3 lacks bale. There was an addition of 50 thousand bales during the week. At the end of the week, the stock remains at 10 thousand bales.

Nature of the transaction: During the whole week, most of the transactions were made on an advanced agreement basis.

Market price: Market Price per 100 kg of Jute is given below:

Raw Jute

Finished Jute

ClassificationBeginning PriceClosing PriceClassificationBeginning PriceClosing Price
B- Bottom9501000B-Bottom850900
C- Bottom850900C- Bottom750800
Cross- Bottom650700Cross- Bottom600700


During the mentioned week, the price was upward moving and expected to remain the same for the next few weeks. Due to bad weather, the production of jute is expected to decrease and such a reason may increase the price in the next week.

Market research report template
Market research report template

Market research report sample for the fish & meat of Dhaka.

Introductory Part:

Name of the Report: A daily market report on the fish & meat of Dhaka,

Name of the market: All metropolitan markets of Dhaka city,

Name of the product: Various fish and meat,

Survey Duration: Whole day of 15th Oct. 2012.

Date of Writing Report: 15th October 2012

Body of the Report:

  1. Market Trend: Although the supply of fish and meat is huge today (15th Oct.) than yesterday due to the first Ramadan to be started tomorrow, the price of fish and meat is beyond the reasonable limit.
  2. Price Index:


Price Per kg

Meat:14th Oct.15th Oct.
Silver barbTk.50-Tk.55Tk.60-Tk.65


There is less chance of a reduction in prices for the next few days for fish and meat in Dhaka. But govt. has declared to reduce the price to a normal position. If such a declaration is implemented, the general consumers will be able to afford fish and meat to their diet.

Market research report example for the tobacco market of Rangpur

Introductory Part:

  1. Name of the report: A report on the tobacco market of Rangpur.
  2. Name of the market: Rangpur Tobacco Market.
  3. Name of the product: Various kinds of tobacco.
  4. Survey Duration: From 1st Jan. 2012 to 7th Jan. 2012.
  5. Date of writing report: 8th Jan. 2012.

Preliminary Speech: During the mentioned week, the price of tobacco was less initially but started to rise heavily and experienced a bull market.

Body of the Report:

The reason behind Bull Market: At the beginning of the week, there were very few transactions in the market. But during the later part of the week, there was huge trade made by the local agent “of cigarette companies. The higher demand caused the higher price of tobacco.

Supply condition: The supply of tobacco was limited compared to the demand for tobacco.

Stock Position: During the mentioned week, there was a stock of tobacco of 50,000 bale and a newly added 80,000 bale” during the later part of the week. There was a huge demand for tobacco and therefore in the end, only 100 bales of tobacco were left as stock.

Trading position: During the mentioned period there was the trading of 21,000 bale of tobacco on average.

Nature of the transaction: Most of the transactions were made in cash. There was a huge demand for tobacco.

Price level: The price of tobacco ranges between Tk.100-Tk.50Q. (vii) Price Index;

Types of tobaccoPrice Per kgPrice Per kg
 Beginning PriceClosing PriceHighest PriceLowest Price
Motihari Tobacco:    
Medium8001,2001,2001 800″
Original Tobacco:    
Dry6501,000, 1,000650
Manila Virginia: 1 
Dry800, 1,000. 1,100800


Until there is the arrival of new tobacco in the market, prices are supposed to remain high for the next few weeks.

Market research report format for the vegetable market of Shambazar

Introductory Part:

  1. Introduction: A weekly report on the vegetable market of Shambazar
  2. Name of the market: Shambazar Dhaka,
  3. Name of the Product: Vegetables
  4. Duration of the Study: From 1st Jan 2012 to 7th Jan. 2012
  5. Date of writing Report: 8tn Jan. 2012

Preliminary Speech: During the mentioned week, the vegetable market of Shambzar experienced a “Down Trend” in trading.


The reason behind the “Down Trend”: Due to the arrival of the winter, there is a huge supply of vegetables from the remote villages. As supply increases, the price generally comes down and this reason has caused a significant price fall in the vegetables.

Demand & Supply: During the mentioned week, demand was normal but supply was huge.

Quantity of Trading: During the mentioned week, there was an average selling of 1500 Ton vegetables

Stock Position: During the mentioned week, there was a huge stock of vegetables and as supply increases, the stock has also increased.

Nature of Transaction: As supply was more, there was more transaction on credit rather than cash.

Price level: The price of each vegetable has decreased by Tk. l per kg. (vii) Price Index:

Name of Vegetables  Price Per kg 
 BeginningClosing PriceLowest PriceHighest Price
1. Tomato30282830
2. Eggplant25242425
3. Potato1512215
4. Carrot12101012
5. Spinach15101015
6. Pumpkin12101012
7. Leafy vegetables108810


The market trend will remain downward for the next two or three weeks because of winter prevailing in the country and therefore there is a huge production of vegetables in the northern districts. There will be more supply of vegetables in the coming weeks, the price will decrease more.

Market research report template for the share market of Dhaka

Introductory Part:

  1. Name of the Report: A weekly report on the share market
  2. Name of the Market: Dhaka Stock Exchange
  3. Name of the Product: Ordinary Share
  4. Study Duration: 1st November 2012 to 7th November 2012
  5. Report writing Time: 8th November 2012

Preliminary Speech: During the mentioned week, Dhaka Stock Exchange was assumed to be Bear Market.

Main Part:

Reason Behind Bear Market: The main reason behind the Bear Market during the mentioned week ‘in the Dhaka Stock Exchange is the Investment Policy of the present govt. The former “Lock-In System” has been canceled for which foreign investments are coming extensively. Furthermore, there is a rumor in the market that some? Blue Chips” will be listed in the International Share Market very soon. These two reasons have pulled the market up.

Demand: There was a huge demand observed in the mentioned period.

Supply: The supply to meet the respective demand was limited. Many investors purchased Shares but didn’t sell them at all.

Overall Situation:

  1. Share traded for 111 Companies
  2. Price increases for 105 companies
  3. Price Decreases for 2 companies
  4. Price remains the same for the 2 companies
  5. Total Number of Shares Traded: 7,77,065
  6. The total value of shares Traded: 42 crores 96 lac 420 Tk.
  7. Overall Price Index: 4,025.16
  8. Change in Price Index: (+) 8.79 at the end of the week

Price Index

The following list shows the price change of shares for the respective companies during the mentioned week.

Listed CompanyFace Value of the ShareBeginning Price of the weekLast Price of the week.Highest PriceLowest Price
IFIC Bank100260340260340
AZIZ Pipe1002,3002,7002,3002,700
Bangladesh Lamps1007,6489,0007,6489,000
Square Textiles Ltd10010,50013,20010,50013,200
Square Pharma1001,3551,5041,3551,504
Chittagong Cement1004,6905,1004,6905,100
Singer Bangladesh10014,20016,30014,20016,300
GQ Ball Pen100523580523580
Beximco Pharma100211385211385
Monno Ceramic1001,3001,9401,3001,940


The trend observed in the mentioned week is expected to operate in the next few weeks.

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