Essential Condition of Communication Program

In common word essential condition of communication program “Communication is basic to an Organization’s existence- from the birth of the organization and towards its continuation”.

Hicks state that “Communication is basic to an Organization’s existence- from the birth of the Organization and towards its continuation”. Such a statement gives importance to communication and hence it is necessary to formulate a communication program.

Essential Condition of Communication Program

The following are the essential conditions to be considered while formulating a communication program.

1. According to the structure of an Organization, a communication program should be developed. If the structure is ignored then there will be miscommunication.

2. There should be reliability and validity for exchanging massage and information.

3. Higher officials should consider communication .to be their prime responsibility to deal with.

4. There should be a proper sequence in the communication program. Lack of sequence will cause confusion and thereafter wastage of resources.

5. There must be a target audience with whom communication should happen. Otherwise, the purpose of any communication will fail.

6. Communication should be a two-way process. one-sided communication is actually not any communication at all; it arises as ‘dictatorship’.

7. Communication should happen timely and in a proper way with the right person.

8. Why, how, and when to communicate should be clearly defined to each and every person in any organization.

9. The language of communication should be simple to create a meaningful understanding. So, workers must get familiar with simple and easy language.

10. Communication should consider both necessary and sufficient elements, topics, and aspects.

11. There should be clarity in communication. Hide & sick should be avoided.

12. The sender must have proper knowledge regarding the subject matter as well as the receiver of communication; otherwise, communication will lose its appeal.

13. Repetition and use of vague words should be avoided to make communication effective. To follow this there should be an arrangement of seminar, symposium, and training in an Organization.

14. Tools and channels of communication should be properly defined to each and every person in an organization.

15. Attitude to respond properly i.e. feedback should be followed by managers and subordinates.

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