Internal Report Template for Internal Use

An internal report has great importance in business communication is mainly used for internal purposes. We provide here some internal report template so that people can find his chosen internal report template.

Some internal report template is as follows:

(A) An internal report template to the managing Director about the accident caused by fire to the factory goes down

Jan 10, 2004
Managing Director
Lipton Yellow Ltd.
25, Tongi, GazipurSub: Damage by fire to our factory goes down

Dear Sir,

As per your instruction, I have conducted a thorough investigation into the causes of the fire that broke out in our factory at about 1 p.m. on 5th Jan 2004. It caused huge damage to our raw materials and finished goods worth Tk. 10,00,000. Moreover, the factory goes down was damaged partially.

As soon as the fire was detected, the fire brigade was called in. They took two (2) hours to put the fire off. I also rushed to the spot about two (2) P.M. and informed the matter to the local police station. I also informed the insurance company for early inspection and settlement of the claim.

I suggest and recommend that immediate repair is essential or otherwise production would be hampered.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully
Rafiq Ahmed
Factory manager

(B) Internal report template to managing director regarding decreasing trend in Sales

5th Jan 2004
Managing Director
Standard Group
6, Rankin Street, Dhaka.Sub; Report on decreasing trend in sales

Dear Sir,

As directed by you, I have conducted a thorough investigation into the recent decreasing trend of sales of our company for the last two years and now I would like to submit my report as under.

The sales figure and corresponding percentage are as follows:

Year Sales The decrease in Sales / Percentage
2002 10 Crore 33.33
2003 5 Crore 50%

The above picture clearly shows a huge decrease in sales over the past two years, such a decrease made a huge fall in the profit of respective years. While investigating the causes of such a decrease shows that there is a problem in the marketing policy. Further. more, we have incompatible technology to face growing competition.

In accordance with your interest, I have to suggest that our marketing policy should be changed. We need to offer competitive prices to make more advertising campaigns for our products. Moreover, our machines should be replaced to make more production at a lower cost.

I trust that my report will help you in arriving at a decision.

Yours faithfully

Suvro Khan

Internal Report Template
Internal Report

(C) An internal report template to the Managing Director of a Company on a Proposal for Mechanization of office services.

4th Jan. 2004
Managing Director
Volvo Express Limited
Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1205Sub: Report on the mechanization of office service

dear Sir,

As per your instruction, I have conducted a thorough investigation into the mechanization of our office service and submit the following report for your consideration.

As you are aware that our account’s department, mailing department, typing, and duplicating department are functioning manually. But the large increase in the volume of work in recent years requires gradual mechanization of all the departments. As you know if there is more working pressure, then there are huge errors and mistakes. This will increase the cost.

The mechanization of all departments will reduce costs and ensure accuracy and speed. It will enhance the reputation of our organization.

I wish my report will help you arrive at a decision.

Yours faithfully

S. Alam

(D) Internal report template a Report to Managing Director Regarding the Strike made for the Demand of Higher bonus by Workers

June 5th, 2004
Managing Director
21, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.Sub: Demand for a higher bonus

Dear Sir,

As directed by you, I -submit my views on the strike made by the workers of our company for a higher bonus for 2004.

According to the agreement with the workers’ union signed in September 2001, we paid a bonus to workers of 10%. The agreement expired last year. This year, the workers have demanded a bonus of 15%. But the company paid no attention to the demand for workers. As a result, the workers have decided to go on strike until their demand is fulfilled.

Under the circumstances, I think that the demand for the workers is reasonable because the performance of our company is growing as well as our market share is increasing day by day. So, I request that you consider the possibility of raising the rate of bonus to 15% for the betterment of the company.

I am confident that you would think over the matter and decide accordingly.

Yours faithfully

S. A. Akash

There is much other use of internal report but we provide here the most common internal report template. One can use this internal report template for his purpose by changing the subject and body.

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