Brevity and Courtesy of Business Letter

Brevity and courtesy are very important matters in a business letter. We should flow brevity and courtesy of business letters for an effective business letter. These two things are discussed as follows:

Brevity and Courtesy of Business Letter

The brevity of the Business Letter

Brevity is one of the essential qualities of a business letter. A business letter must avoid unnecessary topics or irrelevant facts and therefore it must be brief but complete.

As we know businessmen have a very short time and they have to go through various letters, documents, faxes, and transcripts. So, the Business letter written in a descriptive way will create no strong appeal to them.

If it is concise, it is properly honored by the readers. Therefore, to draft any Business letter, ‘the writer or sender must be specific, to the point, and disclose everything in brief. As it is rightly said ‘Brevity is the soul of wit.

Brevity and Courtesy of Business Letter
Brevity and Courtesy of Business Letter

Courtesy of Business Letter

To convince or motivate the receiver of a business letter, there is nothing alternative to courtesy. As we know, courtesy costs nothing but can achieve much.

Naturally, everyone is weak towards courtesy and if this is reflected through a business letter, the receiver gets the confidence to honor the letter properly.

And the purpose of the letter is supposed to be achieved. Even if a letter is rude, the response should be made in a courteous way.

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