How to Write a Business Memo Format with Example

All over the world, every organization uses a business memo, and this is really very essential. So for that reason, we are giving an article about how to write a business memo format with an example.

How to Write a Business Memo

The following techniques will help a person compose a memo in a more effective way:

1. Tone

To write a memo two factors should be considered to determine the tone:

  • Direction or movement of the memo
  • Importance of the message

If the message is moving upward, the tone of the memo is more formal, whereas the memo moving horizontally or downward may be less formal.

The importance of the message should also be considered as one starts to write. A memo regarding the change of a picnic schedule is not the same as a memo stating a new, policy or promotion.

So, both the direction and importance of the memo should be reflected in the tone used. An example of a less important memo with an informal tone and a more important memo with a formal tone is illustrated below:

How to write a business memo (Format 1)
How to Write a Business Memo (Format 2)

The image given above is two formats of the business memo it will help to understand how to write a business memo format. Click on the image for a large view.

2. Contents

The content of the memo is influenced by two (2) questions:

  1. Why are you writing to a particular person?
  2. What do you want to tell the reader?

While preparing the content of a memo, one must consider the following things

  • Consider the background information necessary for the message.
  • If any actions are described those are based on past actions then describe those past actions properly.
  • If the message is based on certain assumptions then those assumptions are required to be stated.
  • Avoid lengthy explanations and .write the memo in a concise, complete, and easy-to-understand way.

3. Techniques

The following techniques will improve the quality of a memo:

  • Write a separate memo for each subject so that it can act as a reference and reduce confusion on the part of the reader.
  • Use short paragraphs and provide numbers for every item. This will allow the proper specification of the key points.
  • If any reply is expected then use a form with a reply space at the bottom.
  • Make proper reference to previous communications by subject and date. This is helpful for proper understanding.
  • If an immediate response is required then send a copy of the previous communication with the memo. This will help to avoid delays.

How to Write a Business Memo Format

All memos follow a general format and are usually located in an organization in terms of the following items:

  1. Heading: It includes:
  • A logo or company identification
  • Name of receiver
  • Name of sender
  • Subject
  • Date

Some organizations also include memo numbers, response dates, or routes. Memo heads are usually available in 8.5 by 11 inch or 0.5 by 8.5 inch

When pre-printed memo forms are not available, many organizations use their standard letterhead and type the words To, From, Subject, and Date: to create and use as a memo.

Heading can be shown in two formats

(A) Block format:

Commerce Ltd.

To: Sales Staff
From: Mahabubur Rahman, Sales Manager
Subject: Commission Payments
Date: January 5, 2022

(B) Two-column format:

Commerce Ltd.

To: Sales Staff Subject: Commission Payments
From: Mahabubur Rahman, Sales Manage

Date: January 5, 2022

2. Name of Receivers: The receiver of a memo may be an individual or a group of individuals. When writing to an individual, avoid courtesy titles such as Mr./Mrs. or Ms. Mention the receiver’s position title after the name if the memo is related to the performance of that person’s job.

How to write a business memo format
Business Memo Format

The receiver of a memo may also be a department, such as an Account Department, or a group of individuals, such as the department heads. When a group is named, copies of the memo are sent based on a distribution list.

3. Sender’s Name: The name of the sender should be mentioned clearly. No courtesy title should be used before the sender’s name. When communicating with business organizations, one should usually include the sender’s position title.

4. Subject: The subject statement should announce the purpose of your message in as few words as possible. Use words that get the reader’s attention and explain fully the nature of your message. The message should be specific and clearly stated.

5. Date: The date of the memo should be the date you distribute the document. This date becomes important when the memo discusses a new policy that is “effective this date.” If you expect action to begin on receipt of the memo, the auction date, and memo date must be the same.

6. Message: Composing good news and neutral information, the approach of the message should be direct whereas, for a bad-news letter, you should use the indirect approach. The message must follow a logical sequence and it must be brief, but clear having completeness.

7. Reference Initials: Reference initials identify the respective people who performed certain tasks. It should appear at the left margin, a double-space below the last line of the memo message.

8. Enclosure Notation: Enclosure notations show the receiver that one or more items are being sent with the memo. The simple word enclosure should be used and followed by a list of items enclosed.

9. Copy Notation: Copy notation is used when one or more other people need to know that the message has been sent. So, if the same memo is required to be shared by more than one person, then their identifications should be made under copy notation.

10. Signature: The originator or sender may sign a memo in one of several ways:

Initial by the name in the heading:

Sign by the name in the heading

Sign in a line provided under the name.
From .: Tanvir Hossain

Sign at the bottom of the memo.

A Business Memo Format is given below:

To: Saffat Reza.
Marketing Manager.

From: Tanvir Hossain, General Manager.
Subject: Sales Commission.
Date: February 1, 2022

Make Reconciliation of the trade discount rate for the coming winter


How to Write a Business Memo (Format)

The format of the memo is designed to maximize the understandability of the reader. A better format is communicative with a clear tone.

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