Types of Memo Used in Internal Communication

A memo is an important part of written communication and it also has a large number of users for a different purposes. Different types of memo are used for different purposes so everyone should know about types of memo.

Types of Memo or, Movement of Memo

As an internal communication tool, the memo can be moved in three (3) ways within an organization and can be divided into as follows:

  1. Downward
  2. Upward
  3. Horizontal


Here memo moves from superiors to subordinates. Such memos, in most cases, announce or explain policy or procedures. It also announces new staff appointments, product and service changes, and special events within the organization.

Moreover, the superior may also request any information, through such a memo.

Types of memo
Types of Memo: Downward


Here memos are written by subordinates to their respective superiors. These memos provide responses to requests made by superiors and convey informal reports to superiors. Upward memos may also make requests for any specific reasonable matter.

The tone of such a memo should be formal and the facts to be contained here should be backed by proper evidence. This memo is one way to present yourself to your superior and maybe your best support for promotion within the organization.

Types of Memo: UPWARD


This memo is communicated between co-workers and employees at the same level or position. The respective positions of the sender and the receiver determine the tone of the memo and generally, the tone is informal.

The carefully written memo may enhance your image among your co-workers and therefore an opportunity for your advancement.

Types of Memo: HORIZONTAL

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