15 Difference Between Business Letter and Personal Letter

Though both are important we should know the difference between business letter and personal Letter.

The following are the difference between business letter and personal letter

Points of DifferenceBusiness LetterPersonal Letter
1. TopicsA business letter is written for business purposes.The personal letter addresses Personal affairs or activities.
2. UsageIt is universally used.It is personally used.
3. RulesCertain rules are followed to draft such a letterThere is no rule to draft such a letter
4. StructureHere various structures are maintainedNo structure is maintained to write such a letter
5. SizeIt is generally concise and completeIt is generally large in size.
6. MethodSuch a letter uses a direct and persuasive Method.Such a letter uses the only direct method.
7. EmotionThere is no scope to show any personal emotion in such a letter & Because it carries only business-related information or message.Such a letter is full of emotion and personal touch.
8. Use of LanguageClear and technical language is used to compose such a letterRomantic and poetic language are used to decorate the speech of such a letter.
9. SalutationSalutation is used according to the designation of the receiver.Salutation depends on the personal relationship between the sender and the receiver.
10. Complimentary CloseFormal language is used for Complimentary Close.The relation between the sender and receiver of the letter dominates the complimentary close.
11. ClassificationThere are many classifications of Business letterClassification is impossible here.
12. The way of DraftingSuch a letter is composed by a typewriter or computer.It is prepared by handwriting.
13. AdviceThere is no scope for giving advice in a Business letterSender if senior provides advice to the receiver through personal letters
14. CopyA copy is sent to many receivers if necessaryGenerally, a copy of a personal letter is not sent to another person.
15. EnclosureThere is an enclosure in the Business letter.There is no enclosure in a personal letter.
15 Difference Between Business Letter and Personal Letter
Difference between Business letter and Personal Letter
Difference Between Business letter and Personal Letter

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