9 Difference Between Business Communication and General Communication

Though bout business communication and general communication are important, there is some difference between business communication and general communication.

Difference between business communication and general communication

Business communication differs from general communication in the case of objectives, styles, format, and scope of applications. The following points can explain the difference in detail.


Business communication

General communication

1. DefinitionBusiness communication deals with only business-related information.General communication deals with all the information except business.
2. ApproachIt is formal and directed in approachIt is a less formal and indirect approach.
3. FormatIt uses a specific format for communicationDifferent formats are used based on circumstances.
4. Personal touchThere is no scope for using personal feelings in business messages.Personal feeling covers most of the parts of general communication.
5. ScopeIt is involved practical information that is impartial and objective.It may be involved fictitious information and the scope is partial or subjective.
6. PresentationBusiness communication follows organizational policies.General communication does not follow any formality.
7. ObjectiveThis communication is made to take a specific actionHere communication is done to inform the receiver about certain issues.
8. TypeBusiness communication is official or organizational communication.General communication is personal communication.
9. FeedbackFeedback is very important for the success of business communication.Feedback is not very much important for general communication.
Difference between Business Communication and General Communication
Difference between Business Communication and General Communication

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6 thoughts on “9 Difference Between Business Communication and General Communication”

  1. The lecture was good and it has inspired me on issue of managing business, how to treat employees, serving clients well. For more, you can send any updates through my email

  2. Business communication keeps things more professional,less personal and it allows people to get their plans across easily. It also establishes a respectful environment between employer and employees.

    1. Londiwe Mkhize

      Goodafternoon Thobile
      I agree with you as business communication is more professional and follows specific formats. Unlike general communication which does not follow any scope and usually feedback is not required.
      Londiwe Mkhize

  3. The lecture really inspired me with Multipurpose users of Business Communication on relations between Employer and Employee and also The Factors that influence Communication in Business. All in all the article is about to gain the knowledge in Business Communication.

  4. Promise Khulile Ngwenya

    BUSINESS COMMUNICATION is the process of sharing ideas&information, and making agreements between people within and outside a company so that orders will be fulfilled
    GENERAL COMMUNICATION it’s an informal way of communicating where emotions, behavior and feelings are included to understand each other.

  5. Business Communication deals with the expects of the business, Topics are always business related, matters are approached on a professional manner, there are policies that are needed to be followed, feedback is always required for queries .
    General Communication, Informal, no policies are followed, unprofessional, communication deals with different activities other than professional.

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