Definition, Forms, and Content of Inquiry Letter

In the business world, various letters are communicated and among them, an inquiry letter is one that seeks information for future decisions. Definition, forms, and content of inquiry letter are described below:

Generally, when a buyer sends a letter to a producer or seller of a product or service to know about any product or service in detail such a letter is termed an inquiry letter.

Definition of inquiry letter

In a broad sense, when a buyer wishes to get some information about the quantity, price, quality, and availability of goods or about the terms of sale, he writes a letter to the seller known to be an inquiry letter. Here you can get the definitions, forms, and content of inquiry letter.

As Gartside said: “An inquiry letter asks information like catalogue, quotation, sample, cost of a product from a seller in a concise and clear way.”

J. H Jains quoted: “The business letter which collects valuable information of the business and therefore provides price reduction and profit earning facilities is defined as inquiry letter”

Forms of Inquiry Letter

Forms of Inquiry letter may take any of the following forms:

  1. Solicited Inquiry: An inquiry made in response to the seller’s advertisement and publicity.
  2. Unsolicited Inquiry: An inquiry made at the buyer’s own initiative.
  3. Inquiry for a favor: An inquiry about some other information which may be about some special price or some favorable terms.
  4. Routine inquiry: An inquiry made by an old buyer in the usual course of business, A letter of inquiry that asks for valuable information from the seller or producer should be:
  • Straightforward and courteous
  • Positive and confident in tone
  • Brief, complete, and correct.

Content of Inquiry Letter / Factors to be considered for drafting an Inquiry Letter

Generally content of inquiry letter asks for information regarding two things which are:

Content of Inquiry Letter
Inquiry Letter
  1. Price, quality, quantity, and availability of a product
  2. Business policy-related information such as terms of credit

Keeping the above two things into consideration an inquiry letter should highlight the following matters:

1. Name: The product that is going to be purchased should be mentioned clearly in such a letter.

2. Description: Information like quality, quantity, size & share, local or foreign origin, and others of the inquired product should be mentioned clearly.

3. Sample: Such letter should request for sample of the inquired product

4. Price list: Such a letter should ask for a price list of the inquired product.

5. System of Supply: When, where, how, and in what terms the product should be traded must be asked by such a letter.

6. Payment system: What should be the way to pay the price should be sought by such a letter.

7. Transportation: The way of shipment of the inquired product should be asked by such a letter.

8. Provision for Addition or subtraction of value and quantity: Because of change in the economy or other events whether there would be any provision for plus/minus of value and quantity of the inquired product must be sought by such letter.

9. Assurance: If the sales term and other conditions favor the buyer, whether he can go for bulk purchase or not, and in this connection what additional benefits will be given should be inquired by such a letter.

The above matters should be mentioned properly in a systematic, brief, and complete way.

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