Collection Letter Definition and Meaning

In a general word, a collection letter definition is the notification sent by a supplier or seller to his customers or buyers for reminding the payment of dues (arising from credit sales) is called a collection or dunning letter.

Collection Letter Definition

In the business world, a huge business is done or credited. But there are sometimes problems when the debtor (buyer) delays the payment beyond, the credit period. And debtor is found to be reluctant in the settlement of dues because of natural habit Here the seller has to resort to what is called a collection or dunning letter to solve the problem.

Collection letter definition according to As L. Gart’ “A request to settle the outstanding account is known as collection letter.

No businessman wants to lose customers and therefore a collection of debt appears to be one of the most difficult problems for the .creditor. Hence the collection business has to be -handled very carefully and the collection letters drafted tactfully so that customers can willingly respond to pay the dues.

Collection letters are usually written in a series and the typical stages are as follows:

  1. Sending statement of account;
  2. Reminders ;
  3. Inquiry and discussion;
  4. Appeal and urgency;
  5. Demand and warning.
Collection Letter Definition
Collection Letter Definition

Features of collection or dunning letter

The following are the features of a dunning letter.

1. Collection of Debt: It is a letter that attempts to collect a debt from the customer or buyer.

2. Patience: The creditor should keep patience while communicating through such a letter. Lack of patience may result in loss of money, goods, and the customer’s future business.

3. Positive tone: The tone of such a letter should be positive with a cheerful and optimistic approach. There should be fairness and self-respect for requesting the creditor.

4. Exchange of letters: Such a letter is exchanged between debtor and creditor for the settlement of dues and is usually written in a series.

5. Language: The language of such a letter must be tactful and persuasive so that collection of debt, as well as goodwill, remains side by side. Send by post: Dunning letters are sent by post through the registry

6. Planned structure: The letter should have a planned structure to make the best possible efforts to retain the customers with prompt collection.

The above features distinguish such letter from other business letters

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