Complaint Letter Definition and Causes of Drafting Complaint Letter

A complaint letter definition can be described in many ways. A complaint letter is part of written communication. In general word, a complaint letter means a letter that is written to submit a complaint to an authority. And it is generally done when another way of the complaint is a failure like a phone, email, etc. However, here we provide a complaint letter definition in a formal way.

Complaint Letter Definition

A Complaint letter is a request for an adjustment. In other words, it is a letter that describes the damage; errors, or mistakes that happened to the delivered goods, and therefore claims for compensation are known to be a complaint letter.

Complaint Letter Definition
Complaint Letter Definition

In the modern age, the chain of business is not limited to the boundary of the country. As business is expanding, its complexities are also increasing. So, mistake or fault is not a strange matter in the arena of business.

There may be a wrong delivery of goods shipment of obsolete, poor quality or underweight goods, faulty packing, delivery after the specified date, and other damages to the goods shipped.

In the above cases, a buyer is supposed to suffer financial loss and therefore he has every reason to complain to the seller demanding compensation. Hence a letter used to serve such a purpose is called a complaint letter.

To draft such a letter, the buyer must have valid grounds to explain that he has suffered financial loss or otherwise there will be misunderstanding which may damage business relation buyers requires special care with the art of convincing the seller.

Clarity and courtesy are important factors to write a letter of complaint. The complaint should be made politely without showing any sign of anger.


Causes of Drafting Complaint Letter or, Sources of Mistakes giving rise to Complaints

The following are usual causes for which a complaint letter is drafted:

1. Problem with the delivered goods: If the goods that are delivered are :

  • Underweight,
  • Obsolete,
  • Defective,
  • Incomplete,
  • Not according to buyer’s specifications such as color, brand, size, etc.
  • Wrong or poor quality; then a buyer can make a claim to the seller for the mistake.

2. Pricing: If there is any mistake in preparing the invoice for the shipped goods, then such a letter is written.

3. Packing: Faulty or poor packing of the goods causes damage to the goods which can be claimed by the seller.

4. Transport: Goods are supposed to be shipped according to the convenience of the buyer. But if the wrong carrier is used it may call for writing such a letter.

5. Terms & Conditions: If the terms and conditions of the business are violated by the seller then such a letter is placed.

6. Faulty Insurance: If insurance coverage is not made properly according to an instruction of the buyer, then there may be a claim through a complaint letter.

On the above grounds, a buyer can complain but it must be in a decent and polite way.

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