7 Factors to be Considered in Drafting Adjustment Letter

An adjustment letter has a great role in every kind of product or service-oriented organization. So you should know about some factors to be considered in drafting adjustment letter which are given below:

Factors to be considered in drafting Adjustment Letter

While drafting an adjustment letter, the following factors should be considered:

1. Response: Respond to the claim letter quickly. As the customer is already upset, any kind of delay will cause further annoyance.

2. Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the claim letter and thank the customer for, drawing his interest to some problems that need improvement.

3. Apology: Apologies for the trouble and problems caused to the affected party. The seller should not try to justify his failure

Factors to be considered in drafting Adjustment Letter
Factors to be considered in drafting Adjustment Letter

4. Assurance: A gracious and reliable tone should be adopted by the seller to honor the claim. And there should be the use of polite and positive language throughout to assure the customer that he will not face any similar problem in the future.

5. Unreasonable Claim: The seller should not react violently to a claim even if it is an unreasonable claim. He should tactfully explain the facts behind the unreasonable

6. Adjustment Taken: If the claim is appropriate then the seller must tell directly about the adjustment being taken.

7. Future Cooperation: The seller should offer his future cooperation which will help to promote goodwill for his organization and continue his business relationship with customers.

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